Since those idiots dropped all that chem into the atmosphere things have gone to hell, the religious say that we are being punished; the government suits say that it was terrorists, and anyone with common since says it was a bunch of idiots who thought they where doing something worth while.

Don’t matter though, not one bit because we are all screwed just the same anyway so lets get down to business. Zombies, yea real zombies, outnumber us humans 60% to our 40 at best guess. If its protection ya lookin for then you could higher a merc and hope he don’t kill ya in yur sleep, find a trading post and get a job, or there are the major cities. Ya see, when the zombies attacked, the idiots in government came up with a plan. They would take the largest most prosperous cities in America and build big walls around them to keep the raiders and the rouge military and ….well the zombies out. Problem is unless you a trader or military, without cash you get a day pass at best. Thats the shit you are in packed up nice and tight in a nutshell….enjoy